You'll likely never forget the first time you crowdsurfed, but you might if you were under six months old. As tends to happen, there's quite a bit of commentary over a newly surfaced video on Reddit that appears to show a baby being "crowdsurfed" to a stage for a photo op with actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The video was taken at a recent press event in Mexico City for The Rock's upcoming film Black Adam. In the clip, the adorable infant child is passed between two people in a giant concert-sized crowd mass before being turned over to the actor, who was onstage with some of his fellow co-stars. The Rock greets the toddler with a smile then cradles the baby onstage to the cheers of the crowd while also speaking to the child's off-screen parent.

As you might expect, the video circulating on Reddit earned a fair amount of comments questioning the parenting of trusting your infant to be passed through a crowd to the actor onstage.

"I'm thinking he grabbed that baby to make sure it got out of harms way, but who knows?" remarked one commenter. However, another fan was quick to point out the lack of context in which this video was shared. "Who doesn't love the rock but I still don't think this is great idea. How did they get it back? Wait til the end of the show? Send it back the way it came??," they asked.

Others thought perhaps the idea of the baby "crowdsurfing" was a bit overblown, suggesting, "To be fair, you only see two adults besides The Rock handling the baby," while another jumped on that comment with, "One of them is a security guard, so I’m assuming (hoping to fuck) that the other is a parent of the baby?"

Check out the video below, as well as the full commentary from the Reddit thread here.

Would you pass your infant child through a crowd? At what age did you first crowdsurf? Drop your comments below.

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