Sony showed off a pretty impressive lineup of new PlayStation 4 games at E3, including a new Hideo Kojima game starring Norman Reedus, as well as new God of War and Resident Evil sequels, both of which have seemingly abandoned their traditional style of gameplay.

Here's a rundown of some of the more exciting things premiered during Sony's E3 2016 presentation and a what we know about each of the games thus far.


God of War Sequel Goes Last of Us?

Kratos is back, bearded, and teaching junior how to be a deity-murdering savage. The game looks amazing from a visual standpoint, but seems to be drawing some criticism from die hards because of the change in format (as is the case always). Several fanboys have accused developers of "dumping Kratos into a Last of Us clone," but as a die hard fan of the God of War games -- even I was tired of the same old hack and slash mechanics by the third game. It's time for a change. You'll still see some recognizable Kratos "finishing moves" and such, so it's not all different. Haters be damned! It looks badass to me. No release date was given.


Resident Evil VII or Silent Hills 2.0?

You gotta give them this -- they've got balls. In a move that was likely a pivot in response to the canceled Silent Hills game, Capcom is ditching the traditional source of "evil," and refocusing on the "resident." It looks like they've gone first-person, returned to a house setting, and traded zombies for ghosts. Pretty much everyone agreed that the old formula wasn't working anymore, and wanted a new survival-horror experience from the franchise -- but is this too much of a departure? Find out for yourself. The demo is live on PlayStation Plus now and the full game is set for a January 2017 release.


Kojima Escapes Konami and Gets Stranded With Naked Daryl Dixon

'Death Stranding' has to be a working title, right? All BS aside, I'm really excited to see Kojima out from under Konami, whose focus is slot machines these days, and working with a developer who truly appreciates his genius, and is willing to give him the space and resources to do his thing. It's a damn shame that Snake was the casualty of his split with Konami, but it looks like Kojima has found a new leading man in Daryl Dixon himself -- Norman Reedus. They previously worked together on the now-canceled 'Silent Hills' as well. While I'm concerned that this new game is very similar to one of the novel ideas I have (that I'll probably never get around to writing anyway) -- I can't wait to play it. There's no release date, but knowing Kojima -- we've got a few years.


Get Some Walking Red Dead Redemption in 'Days Gone'

An "open-world action-adventure game set in a harsh wilderness two years after a devastating global pandemic." Sounds like a mash-up of The Walking Dead and Red Dead, who's the main character? "Play as Deacon St. John, a Drifter and bounty hunter who rides the broken road, fighting to survive while searching for a reason to live." Nailed it. This could be cool though.


Spider-Man's PlayStation Homecoming

It's about time they took another crack at a Spider-Man game. There have been some great ones in the past, there have also been plenty of discs that worked better as coasters. This isn't a cash-grab movie tie-in game, in fact, it features an older, more seasoned Spidey according to the developers. This looks great, hopefully we don't have to wait too long to find out. No release date was given.


The D Makes a Comeback in the Futuristic 'Detroit: Become Human'

I loved 'Heavy Rain,' even though I got what had to be the worst possible ending. I also loved 'Until Dawn.' Something about the "playable movie/choose your own adventure" format has been appealing to me ever since PC titles like 'Phantasmagoria' and 'The Beast Within' were cutting edge. Now Quantic Dream, the folks behind the 'Heavy Rain,' are back with a cyborg crime drama set in Detroit that looks more 'Blade Runner' than 'Robocop.' They had me at "from the makers of Heavy Rain." 'Detroit: Become Human' has no release date.


Be the Batman, For Real (Well, Virtually Real) in 'Arkham VR'

I'm on board for whatever they do next with the Arkham series, as long as I don't have to spend hours battling tanks in the batmobile or crossing Gotham Pioneers Bridge again. 'Arkham VR' is described as an all new Arkham mystery" using PlayStation VR to put you under the cowl, but they have frighteningly little to showcase for a game dropping this October. Maybe it doesn't display well outside of the VR format, but they gotta advertise this thing somehow. The batsignal in the sky is enough for me to bite, but not everybody is as big a Batfan as me.


Plus, Final Fantasy 15,000 is Coming Too

I don't care about this game. I played VII back in the day, which everyone still talks about being awesome, and lost interest after realizing there was more a lot game after getting out of that building you start in. These RPGs aren't my thing, but I know you uber-nerds will attack if I exclude it, so here you go. This thing comes out September 30th, 2016.


COD Goes to Space for Some Infinite Warfare

Again, not my thing. I'm a single-player campaign guy, and while I do love a good  first person shooter -- I hate getting merc'd by loudmouth 12-year-olds who have nothing to do but play video games all day. I suck compared to them, so any game that focuses on multiplayer is generally not one I'll pick up. I'll stick with the Dooms and leave the CoDs to the young'uns. 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' blasts off November 4th, 2016.


The Best of the Rest

Honestly, I'd be here all day if I recapped everything. There was a bunch of other noteworthy stuff, including a new Crash Bandicoot, the long-awaited The Last Guardian, Mafia 3 -- you can see most of that and more in the sizzle reel below.