I wish this was a story about how Starbucks was going to reopen starting tomorrow but unfortunately, that's just not the case. Like every business, it will still be a little while before that happens.

According to ABC 12, Starbucks is adopting what they call a "monitor and adapt" strategy to reopen certain cafes.

To me, it kind of just seems like a no-brainer approach to reopening. They will basically monitor the situation on a case by case scenario. They'll basically take a look at local conditions before moving forward with opening fully to the public.

CEO Kevin Johnson tweeted: "Today we shared how we’ll gradually expand & shift in-store customer experiences based on a clear decision-making framework. As we’ve done in China, we’ll monitor & adapt, support our communities & take care of one another."

Again, will this happen tomorrow? The answer is no but we are heading in that direction at least.
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