As of this moment, Michigan does not have a reported case of coronavirus. I'm sure that is, unfortunately, going to change real soon.

According to Mid-Michigan Now, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says they are monitoring 124 people who may have had exposure to coronavirus.

Apparently, all of the 124 people are in “self-quarantine," according to a spokesperson.

The 124 includes referrals from CDC airport quarantine stations, self-referrals, close contacts of pending PUIs and healthcare provider referrals entered by local health departments.

It's so crazy to me how much of an impact the coronavirus outbreak is having on the music industry with so many bands cancelling spring tours. We just got word earlier this week that Peral Jam was postponing their spring tour which was set to kick off later this month. It'll be interesting to see what kind of an effect it will have on some of the major festivals this spring too.

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