Steel Panther are bidding adieu to this year as only they can, with a song called "Fuck 2020" that references Eddie Van Halen.

The song is a re-written version of "Fuck Everybody," which appears on their latest effort, 2019's Heavy Metal Rules. They've added new lyrics about the coronavirus pandemic – including a list of those who have passed away this year, which arrives less than a minute into the new track. Singer Michael Starr mentions Neil Peart, Kobe Bryant, Sean Connery and Little Richard. "And if that shit wasn't bad enough," he continues, "Eddie Van Halen, too." The guitar solo also features some Eddie Van Halen-esque tapping.

Due to age restrictions, the video cannot be embedded here, but you can watch it on YouTube.

"This year has been fucking tough on everyone," Steel Panther says in a news release. "We hope you enjoy the new song. It has become an anthem for the band – and not just because we wrote it. Please join us in telling 2020 to suck our collective dick."

The song is available for purchase at Steel Panther's website, and they've created a line of T-shirts and hoodies with its title and the band's name.

Steel Panther also postponed the Gobblefest livestream planned for this weekend after a stay-at-home order was enacted in their hometown of Los Angeles to slow the spread of COVID-19. The press release adds that already-purchased tickets will be valid for a rescheduled date which will be announced as soon as it's available. Those who bought passes will receive a free download of "Fuck 2020."


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