I hadn't seen the deepfake between Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Lawrence until this morning. It is 100% the stuff nightmares are made off.

Over the last six or seven years, maybe even longer than that, I have been photoshopped on to an absolute crap ton of photos. So many I can't even count them all. So many that it takes Maggie and Tony days to find the one they are looking for in their archives. Photoshopping someone on another person is nothing new, however, these deepfakes are scary as hell.

Someone spent a lot of time creating one of these using Jennifer Lawrence talking to reporters after a awards ceremony and Steve Buscemi's face. It is really well done, but horrifying. Buscemi made a few cracks about it and rolled with the punches when he first saw it too.

The video starts just before the deepfake. Be sure to watch to the end to help your eyes recover with the glorious sight of Steve Buscemi as God on a piece of toast. Yes, I just wrote those words in that order.

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