Meet Praesepe, a SuicideGirl who admits to being a total stoner, hates meringue and chooses her favorite position based on the temperature. 

Name: Praesepe

Age: 23

Location: Ohio

Occupation: Navigator.

Current crush: Young Hunter S. Thompson.

Body mods: Specialized sebaceous glands.

Gets me hot: The shy, silent, surly one in the corner who has impeccable grammar and vocabulary and protruding clavicles, arms and hands full of very visible veins and a piercing gaze. That’s the one.

Favorite position: Depends on the temperature.

Fantasy: Connection.

Sign: Covered with a shell.

Most humbling moment: Watching a satellite revolve around this planet while laying on a beach staring out.

I lost my virginity: And fortunately for me, someone else found it.

My diet: Vegetarian.

Pot: I’m a total stoner.

My status: Not telling.

Into: Marla, fermented projects, learning, physics, sensory information, local economies, organized chaos, contradictions, astrology, vocabulary,crustaceans, lattes, anatomy and physiology.

Not into: Meringue, monsanto, television and synthetic fragrances.

Makes me happy: Scarves, the smell of old books, my lemon tree, autumn in ohio, children raised by good parents, flourishing creativity, personal expression, coffee shops, vines, an excellent pen and a child’s laughter.

Hobbies: Using my senses in any manner of ways.

Vices: Being a hermit, who at times, forgets how to speak.

I spend most of my free time: Living.

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