Suspect208 came in hot in November with their debut single "Long Awaited," which has now garnered almost a million views on YouTube. It seems as if the young band are having internal issues now, though, as they posted they're looking for a new singer.

When the band dropped "Long Awaited," the lineup consisted of Scott Weiland's son Noah Weiland on vocals, Slash's son London Hudson on drums, Robert Trujillo's son Tye Trujillo on bass and Niki Tsangaris on the guitar. Now, they are advertising for a new frontman on Instagram.

The post reads that a singer is wanted, with 18 to 24 being the required age for candidates. They also must reside in Los Angeles. "To submit your audition, DM us your cover of 'Black Dog' by Led Zeppelin. List three musical influences," it adds.

An hour after posting about the audition, the band wrote that a statement would be coming soon on their Instagram story.

Before the group even advertised that they were looking for a new vocalist, Weiland alluded to the debacle in a series of posts on his own Instagram story.

"Funny how a band I carried on my ass turn out to be a bunch of fake ass pussies who think they the shit trying to kick me out to my band," he wrote. "Every single post, typed word, song cover, lyric, creative direction, video idea, plan to release music was all done by me."

"The entire vision completely changed behind my back and nobody told me anything. I was going through shit trying to figure out why everyone was acting so suspicious," he continued. "It's all over now. I don't need anybody. I am Roman. I'll be back soon."

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