T-shirt Tuesday is back, presented by the Capitol Theatre and tomorrow Maggie Meadows will broadcast live from Timothy's Pub!

Stop by Timothy's Pub tomorrow after work for a chance to win yourself a brand new Banana 101.5 limited edition Capitol Theatre t-shirt. Maggie Meadows will broadcast live from 5 pm until 7 pm and will be giving away one of those t-shirts every five minutes during the broadcast.

Timothy's Pub has a ton to offer you while you are there as well. Try one of Maggie's many award-winning burgers, three to be exact, the "A-List Burger," "The Boozy Burger," and the "Mexi Burger." Of course, you can always take the more direct approach and do what Maggie does...go straight for the tequila. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

Timothy's Pub is on Robert T. Longway Boulevard, just east of Dort Highway in Flint. Finish off your workday strong with Maggie Meadows and T-shirt Tuesday at one of our favorite spots in Flint, Timothy's Pub.


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