Looks like grabbing a beef taco or burrito from Taco Bell might be a bit difficult for the next few days.

After some quality concerns about the seasoned beef, Taco Bell has pulled the food from menus in Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio. The company has asked some stores in those three states to stop selling seasoned beef until it can replenish the supply of the food.

We aren't sure which stores throughout Michigan have been asked to stop selling the seasoned beef. However, we do know a few things. I was out on Saturday night and after I finished up working, I went to Taco Bell on Hill Road near Fenton Road and was able to score the seasoned beef. Also, even if you do come across a Taco Bell that is not serving the beef, the other menu options are still great and available to you. Chicken quesadillas and chicken burritos are some of my favorites on the menu anyway.

Not much is known at this time as to the problem with the beef and when it will be replenished to stores.

Source: WDIV