Army Vet Saves Eagle In The Most America Way Possible [VIDEO]
Over the holiday weekend, some families in Minnesota noticed an eagle that was stuck in a tree. After the poor thing struggled for a couple days, Army veteran, Jason Galvin knew he had to do something. After talking to authorities, who said the branch was just too high to reach, Jason took to his .2…
Goodbye, Bud. Hello, America.
Anheuser-Busch just announced that they're changing the name of Bud heavy to 'America' for the summer. We're assuming that Busch Light will follow suit and change their name to 'Merica.
2012 Election Debate: Douche Or Turd?
Every four years, something amazing happens in America.  We, as a people are given the right to vote for a giant douche or a turd sandwich.  Make your decision wisely America.
US Volleyball Promises To Keep Wearing Bikinis [PHOTOS]
The Summer Olympics are almost upon us, which usually means a ton of hot asses on the volleyball sand.  This year however, female volleyball players are being given the option to dress in more conservative clothing, which is terrible news for everybody. Luckily though, the US Volleyball team ha…