Awkward Exit On Live TV
The thing with a live broadcast is that sometimes things go wrong. And most of the time, the mistakes are only as bad as you make them. Watch this TV news employee get caught on camera unexpectedly and look like an idiot trying to get away.
Awkward Physical Contact Moments
These awkward physical contact moments have happened to all of us at one time or another and they can be extremely, well ... awkward. I swear I've experienced every one of these moments except when the chick's hand accidentally grabs his crotch, this is an awkward moment that I want to happen. All the others, I could do without.
Eating Other People’s Food Prank [VIDEO]
Here's another awesome "Awkward" video from Break. I've walked by tons of people eating and thought "Man, I love to take a bite of that". Never have I actually done something like that, though it would be funny. Here's the reaction you would get if you tried something like that. My favorite line, "Just one bite and I'll go".