MI Bear & Elk Licenses
As we all know, Michigan is one of the best states for any outdoor activities. If you are a hunter, you can now apply for bear and elk hunting licenses for this year. Numbers are limited and you can apply through June 1st.
Man Attacked By Bear Twice In One Day [VIDEO]
If you think you are having a bad day - stop. This man wins the bad day award. Todd Orr  was attacked not once, but twice during a morning hike in Montana. I guess you could call it the worst day of his life or the luckiest, since he lived to tell about it.
Does A Bear Swim In A Pool? Yep! [VIDEO]
I did know a bear could eat my face off, I did not know a bear could swim in a pool. I never even thought about it - until now. This footage is from a bear sanctuary in Florida. Looks pretty nice to me - screw Shady Acres Retirement Village, I want to be live with the bears!
Bear Catches Bread Like A Beast [VIDEO]
I have never actually never been to a zoo, but I am familiar with the term "do not feed the animals". Clearly that rule does not apply to these folks who tossed a bear a piece of bread. Watch how the bear catches the food, well like a beast!
Mama Bear Pulls Cub Off Highway [VIDEO]
Somehow this little bear cub got stuck on a highway on the wrong side of a barrier in British Columbia. Watch as the mother looks both ways and then quickly saves her little one from obvious danger. This would truly be amazing to see in person.

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