11 Burger Joints Worth the Drive to the Detroit Area
Genesee County definitely has a lot of great burger spots, but if you're like me you're always down to try a new one out. If (also like me) you've exhausted all the area burger options -- here are some that will make your drive to "The D" well worth it.
Tony's Bacon LaCheeseBurger
If there's one thing I love, it's bacon...and lots of it! That is why I created the 'Tony Bacon LaCheese Burger' with Smokin J's Bar B Que Pit in downtown Goodrich.
What's Between Andrea's Buns?
I was never really a burger fan until I started making more of them myself. Building a delicious burger is really an art. From the way the toppings are put on, to the proper toasting of the bottom bun so it doesn't get soggy...it's serious. A perfect burger, however, truly starts with the …
9 Patty T-Rex Burger is Definitely ‘Beefy’.
I've lived in quite a few places and sampled a lot of burgers and burger joints. The largest burger I had heard of was called the 4x4, available at California's famed In N' Out Burger. But it looks like Wendy's has just upped the ante.