Missing Ring Pops Up 13 Years Later [VIDEO]
I have heard of a lucky duck, a lucky rabbit's foot - but never a lucky carrot! A Canadian woman was thrilled to get back a ring she lost 13 years ago. The ring recently 'popped up' in the family garden. So just how many carrots is this diamond ring anyway?
Michigan Drug Traffickers End Up in Canada By Mistake
A couple of Michigan drug traffickers screwed the pooch earlier this year when they mistakenly entered Canada by way of the Blue Water Bridge carrying a hefty shipment of crack cocaine and semi-automatic weapons. Indeed, these indiscretions have resulted in a black and white Christmas for Tyvann Whi…
Driving – This Person Is Doing It Wrong [VIDEO]
After watching this driver attempt to get out of this parking lot, I am guessing he or she would have a hard time finding their way out of a paper bag. I have been in tight parking spaces before. This is not one of those scenarios. Why was it so hard for this person to get out of this lot?
$40 Million Lottery Winner Giving It All Away [VIDEO]
This is beyond kind and strange. Canadian man and former CEO, Thomas Crist won the lottery last year, hitting for $40 million dollars. Crist kept his jackpot a secret until recently, even hiding it from his four children. Now, he is making headlines because he plans on giving all of the money away t…
Uncooperative Drunk Gets Tazed By Windsor Police[VIDEO]
Yep, even in Canada where everything is laidback compared to here in the U.S. they still have their share of unruly people when the suds start flowin'. And just like here in the states when drunk people get out of hand and have a run-in with the cops, they get tazed...
Introducing Pizza Hut Perfume
I know the saying 'If it smells like cologne, leave it alone' or 'If it smells like fish, eat all you wish'. What about if it smells like pizza? Canadian Pizza Hut's are now offering Pizza Hut Perfume!
Canadian Restaurant Bans Men From Peeing While Standing
When a little boy first gets potty trained they dream of being like their dad and being able to stand while peeing -- but not if you're Canadian! A reporter for the Vancouver Sun was recently visiting a Vancouver area restaurant and noticed something peculiar in the restroom -- the 'no pee…

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