It’s National Coffee Day! Grab A Free Cup At These Locations
This Wednesday is National Coffee Day which means there are tons of deals for all our caffeine-addicted workaholics! This means that companies are hooking up everyone today, and here are a few deals you can look forward to today.  Starbucks: Bring in a clean, empty reusable cup up to 20 oz. and ... Read More ...
No Time To Drink Coffee? How About Inhaling It?
Millions of people cannot even begin their day without some form of caffeine. But wanting caffeine and making time for it are apparently two different things. Well, maybe not anymore. A new product called AeroShot is now available in New York, Massachusetts and France. The product gives you a rush of energy with no swallowing required. AeroShot is an inhaling device. Seriously? How lazy are we get
The World’s Greatest Barista
Baristas are coffee house employees and are usually douche bags. This one is from Thailand and is either the most impressive trick barista ever or possibly using telekinesis. If my local Starbucks employee was pulling this, I would be way more likely to put a dollar in that tip jar instead of just change.

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