Heckler Tries To Hook Up With Comedian [VIDEO]
We've seen this time and again. Never try to heckle a professional, you never win. This chick who was barely even paying attention to the show decided to pipe in during the question and answer portion. Leave it to Steve Hofstetter to put her in her place.
10-Year-Old Stand Up Comic Kills It [VIDEO]
You have to give it to a 10-year-old that is brave enough to do stand up comedy. I would imagine that she had a little help with the material though. It's awesome to see her parents letting her do that too. Not sure how I would feel about by daughter tell pedophile jokes though.
Drunk Steals Comedians Beer, Security Swoops In Fast [VIDEO]
No matter how important you think you are, when it comes to comedy shows, stay off the stage. This drunk guy decided he wanted to steal the comedians beer and walks on stage. The security guard was on point and swept in before he had a chance to make to much trouble. The comedian, Bert Kreischer, ha…

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