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Michigan Could Be Back Fully Open By Summer
Gov.Whitmer held a press conference yesterday and had some positive news in regards to Michigan's future this year.
Michigan is one of the last few states with heavy COVID-19 restrictions but they could be completely gone by summertime according to Gov...
Mandatory COVID-19 Testing For Michigan High School Athletes
The Michigan Department Of Health and Human Services has just made it mandatory for Michigan High School athletes to get tested for COVID-19 due to a rate in cases.
Some people are finding this process very invasive and some groups have openly spoken out against it...
The City Of Flint Could Receive $100 Million In COVID-19 Relief
Big money is coming down the pipeline! In a covid relief bill, Michigan could see over $10 Billion dollars in funds that would help struggling businesses and families.
The city of Flint could be receiving close to $100 million from that bill to help rebalance out our economy...

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