Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding Daughter [VIDEO]
This is a pretty impressive catch from this dad. When you are anywhere in public with kids, there is always a bunch of things going on at once. This guy was watching the game while holding his sleeping daughter and having some hot dogs and was still able to catch this foul shot.
Dad Takes Down His Kid With Massive Snowball [VIDEO]
Years back I did this to my step daughter but instead of a snowball it was a huge water balloon. The outcome though was the exact same, lots of tears. Watch as this guy takes a gigantic snowball and  in good spirit, launches it through the air at his kid who is running to get away.
Dad Jumps Into Frozen Pool, Smashes Head On Ice [VIDEO]
The temperature is beginning to chance and winter is right around the corner. That means we will start to see a lot of videos of people doing stupid stuff on the ice. This dad is no exception. Sure he thought ahead and put a mattress on top of the ice, but what did he think was going to happen. Afte…
Dad Reflexes Saves Kid From Skatedboard To Face [VIDEO]
When you're a parent, sometimes your instincts just kick in. At this crowded skate park, this dad used some cat-like reflexes to save a little kid. While standing on top of the ramp watching another skater, the little kid was suddenly in the line of fire of a runaway skateboard. He was saved in…

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