Congrats to the Lions!
If you can’t make the playoffs (or win your division for that matter), why not celebrate that you at least participated in the conference.
Girl Gets the Crap Scared Out of Her, Literally [VIDEO]
Making people yawn, sneeze, cough, and pee have been tricks played by kids and teens everywhere for centuries. While getting people to do it does take a certain amount of creativity the effort involved is minimal. Now, getting someone to crap themselves that's a little harder.
Gold Digger Prank is Every Guys Dream [VIDEO]
If there's one thing guys hate it's a gold digger. And nobody wants to find out their girl's one AFTER the fact. So, here's a good way to find out if you've got one on your hands. Watch as Russian prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy pulls the prank just about every guy w…
Girl High As A Kite After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed
Substitute the anesthetic with alcohol and you have Maggie's favorite game -- 'What's in my mouth?'  Something tells me that the wisdom was removed from this girl long before the teeth.  These videos are hilarious to watch.  It's a good thing her mom decided to post this up for all her friends to wa…

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