ice cream

Who Wants Some Bird Crap Ice Cream? [VIDEO]
Weather permitting, many of us will enjoy Labor Day weekend outside. If you are like me, you will celebrate with a cocktail. If you are underage, you may celebrate with an ice cream. If that is the case, I hope your ice cream cone does not turn into a crap cone like this girls did!
Ice Cream Truck Ruins Kids Day [VIDEO]
Damn you ice cream man! Watch as two kids seem to be just fine until they hear the sound of an ice cream truck. What I find really strange about this video is what the kids are eating before they hear the truck. It looks and sounds like Pop Rocks on toast. I'm thinking ice cream is NOT what the…
Baby Eats Ice Cream While Sleeping
This video reminds me of myself after a long night of partying at The Machine Shop. There's been a few times that I've woken up with pickles, lettuce and tomatoes all over my chest from a late night fast food frenzy. This kid is in the same boat, struggling with all his might, bound and de…

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