Fight Ends In One Second With Kick To The Face [VIDEO]
I don't think I have ever seen a fight end this quickly in my life. Eat your heart out Rhonda Rousey! The fight begins and the fighter in ready makes a quick move and kicks the blue fighter in face. Ole blue immediate falls and the ref calls the match seconds after that.
Cow Kicks Woman In The Face
I don't really like animals, but I always think it's funny when they hurt humans. Watch this lady get a little too close for the cows comfort and end up with a face full of hoof.
MMA Self Knock Out Via Head Kick
Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting your self. Stop hitting yourself. Anyone with an older brother has been on the wrong side of that game, but this MMA bro is on the wrong side of his own foot. Of all the ways to knock yourself out, kicking your own head has gotta be one of the sweeter ones.
Kid Ninja Kicks Bully Upside The Head
I've said before that I think some people take the Anti-Bullying campaign a bit far. I'm not saying exceptional cases of harassment or physical abuse shouldn't be addressed or aren't serious, but most bullies will fold if you just stand up to them. Or you can just spin kick the…