What Would Your Heavy Metal Band Name Be? [PHOTO]
The Internet has always been good for helping you find the answers to life's most important questions like which character from 'Game of Thrones' you are or who's looking at your Facebook profile the most. Now the web has provided us with the answer to, perhaps, the oldest of lif…
Death Metal Cat Drummer
After porn, cats run the internet. Now it looks like felines are on their way to ruling music, as this cat goes all death metal on this cover.
Game Of Thrones Theme Song Metal Version
If you're not watching HBO's Game Of Thrones, you're missing out. On the surface, it seems like a nerd show, but it's actually pretty bad ass. There are a ton of boobs, blood, and dragons, and now there is a metal version of the theme song.
Polish Heavy Metal Political Ad
Most political ads can suck it long and hard.  I always look forward to election day, because the day after we don't have to play their commercials anymore.  Maybe if they were a little more metal, like this ad from Poland, I'd be a little more likely to vote.
Mosh Of The Penguins!
When you think of animals that are metal, you usually think of something ferocious, something terrifying, something that isn't a penguin.  But the video inside proves that penguins throw the horns up too!