Mike Tyson

This Has to Be the Worst Fight Scene of 2018
You hear the names “Mike Tyson” and “Steven Seagal” and it is easy to envision the two squaring off in a killer fight scene. The greatest boxer of his generation versus the man who brought aikido to Hollywood? That is a classic confrontation...
Iron Mike Snaps on Reporter
It's good to see the Mike Tyson has his temper under control nowadays. Watch as a reporter brings up the fact that he is a "convicted rapist." Mike loses it and cusses him out. The reporter and Mike's PR guy tried to soldier through but it didn't quite work out.
Tyson Returns Holyfield's Ear
This commercial is awesome. In case you are not aware, during a boxing match in 1997 (see clip below), Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear. Now 16 years later, Tyson is returning Holyfield's ear in a new Foot Locker commercial. Hilarious! A few other sports icons make an appearance in t…