How the New Oscar Category Could Actually Hurt Films Like ‘Black Panther’
The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences set a new benchmark in questionable choices today, when they announced the addition of a new Oscar for “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film,” aka “Most Popular Movie But Not Necessarily Worth a Best Picture Nod.” Almost immediately following the announcement, some cinephiles and critics pointed out that the move was obviously designed to allow beloved blockbusters and superhero flicks — like this year’s Black Panther — to receive recognition from an awards show that typically overlooks them.
Some Older Oscar Voters Haven’t Even Seen ‘Get Out’ Because It’s ‘Not an Oscar Film’
Get Out was one of the best — and most important — films of 2017, and although it was near-universally adored, most assumed it would never land an Oscar nod. The Academy isn’t exactly known for being “woke,” and they certainly don’t take horror very seriously. (Not counting Black Swan, the last horror film to receive a nod was The Silence of the Lambs.) So when Jordan Peele’s race-driven social thriller landed a nomination, it was a huge, but pleasant, surprise. Maybe the Academy’s diverse group of new voters had made a difference. Unfortunately, we may have spoken too soon.

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