Vegas Dancer Pees On Customer, Or Does She? [VIDEO]
What happens in Vegas, does not always stay in Vegas. Sometimes it ends up on YouTube. Watch as a dancer on Freemont Street in Las Vegas pees on a customer. I am not sure if this was an accident, or maybe it is not actual pee and was a joke. Take a look and let me know what you think.
Panda Pees On Other Panda’s Face
Some people are really into urinating on each other, but you're on the internet, so you probably already know that.  Its called Urolagnia and apparently, it's crossed over into the world of pandas.  Check these freaks out.
Hilarious Pee Prank Played on Cops
We've featured tons of pranks here but never any that involves the police. This dude puts a hole in the top of his water bottle and holds it so it looks like he's going pee. As you know, cops don't really go for this. He's lucky that most of these officers had a sense of humor ab…
Toylet Urinal Video Game
I don't think Japan can do anything to surprise me. That shipped sailed the first time I watched tentacle porn. But the land of the far east is back at it again, this time with a video game where you remove a woman's clothes with your urine.  Yes, I'm for real.
Dog Takes A Piss While Doing A Hand Stand
Thanks to the internet, I'm becoming more of a pet guy.  I still think they stink and are pits of money and germs, but when they are on youtube, I don't have to worry about any of that crap.  Check out this dog pull a pretty impressive pee.