Ms. October Scares Us Stiff
Obviously I think my girlfriend is the hottest chick to ever do Playboy but that doesn't mean Playmate Miss October isn't hot too. Check out this sexy behind the scenes with Playboy Playmate, Carly Lauren.
This Chick Sucks... Literally!
Vampire chicks normally don't do it for me but there is something about LeeAnna Vamp that really gets my "blood" pumping. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with her sweet rack and killer body, either way this blood sucking chick can take a bite out of me anytime.
Playmates and Power Tools Will Leave You Speechless
Here's how we look at leap year, it's an extra day out of the year to check out half naked chicks. These smokin' hot ladies make using power tools really really fun. This video is an example of what happens when you mix extremely hot Playboy girls with jackhammers, wood polishing and …

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