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MI Winters Are Beautiful Too
Living through a Michigan winter can range from uncomfortable to absolutely unbearable, but these amazing Pure Michigan moments from Instagram remind us that winter is not without its beauty.
Mackinac Island -- Underrated Gem
Supercompressor.com recently released a list of the most underrated tourist attractions in each state. I don't know where they got their info from, since those of us who live in the Mitten State know about the wonders of Mackinac Island, but that is the destination they chose as Michigan's…
April is Wine Month in MI
Although the only French word we know is “ménage a trois,” we felt compelled to inform you that April is wine month in the state of Michigan. Sure, we agree, contributing an entire month to wine in a place that has spawned one of the largest craft brew markets in A…
Lions Vs Packers - Pure Michigan
The Detroit Lions are set to take on the Green Bay Packers for the NFC North Division Title. Even though they haven't beat the Pack in Green Bay since the Barry Sanders era, this commercial gives us hope.
Proud Residents Are Getting “Pure Michigan” Tattoos
How much do you love Michigan? Would you say enough to get the “Pure Michigan” logo tattooed somewhere on your body? If not, you do not have nearly as much pride for the state as some residents.
There have been some sightings, and now photos, of people branded with Michiga…
Pure Michigan Statewide Singalong [VIDEO]
If you have been trying to convince your family and friends to visit you in Michigan, show them this video! This video features Flint, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids even Newberry! Too bad the Flint section doesn't feature hookers singing

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