Kid Rock Restaurant in LCA
With Little Ceasars Arena nearing completion, vendors are ready to set up shop in it. Kid Rock has just announced that he will have a restaurant in the arena soon.
McDon's New All Day Breakfast
Everyone went bananas when McDonald's announced they'd be serving breakfast... until they realized that only included the stuff no one orders. That's about to change, as the house that Ronny built just announced the new, expanded all day breakfast menu.
Man Busted Impersonating Cop At Saginaw Hooters [VIDEO]
So a man on a skateboard was busted for impersonating a cop at Hooters in Saginaw. Yep. 18-year-old Nicholas Fuhst told employees he was an undercover police officer and was looking for suspects involved in a crime. Mmmkay. Shockingly enough, he was believable because employees gave him several name…

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