Roller Coaster

Cedar Point to Add New Coaster
Cedar Point never seems to disappoint. After just revamping the waterpark, they are now back to breaking records. The new roller coaster will be called "Steel Vengeance."
Woman Freaks Out On Virtual Reality Roller Coaster [VIDEO]
Virtual reality has come a long way the last few years. I've talked to a few people that have tried the Oculus Rift and they have told me it's awesome yet terrifying. This lady decided to try out a virtual roller coaster in a local mall. I can't imagine the coaster is as terrifying as…
Guy Rides Dirt Bike On Roller Coaster Track [VIDEO]
This is pretty cool but takes a lot of balls. He jumps on his dirt bike and begins to take on the roller coaster track. Popping a few wheelies and tossing in a back flip or to was a nice touch. It's cool but I was to see him take on the Power Tower next.
New Batman Roller Coaster In Texas Looks Awesome [VIDEO]
I am a huge roller coaster fan! It seems like they continue to push the envelope on building these new thrill rides. If they aren't going for height records they come up with rides like this. Not only does the track flip you around, but your seat does too. I need to get to Texas asap!
Awesome Roller Coaster To Add To Your Bucket List [VIDEO]
I am a roller coaster junkie and this is now on my bucket list. Even though it's in Taiwan, I still want to make this happen. First of all, the whole track move from horizontal to vertical before you start the right. After the track is aligned, you are dropped straight down. Check out the aweso…

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