Shark Slams Into Paddle Boarder [VIDEO]
Holy shark! Watch as a shark slams into a paddle boarder in Florida. I am not sure why the shark appears to be airborne. I know now that a flying shark can take your ass down if you are on a paddle board! That is exactly that happened Maximo Trinidad. I would have freaked the eff out!
Shark Steals Fish Off Fisherman’s Line [VIDEO]
This is the closest that you can get to a real life 'Jaws' moment. This guy is reeling in a pretty good size fish. Once he gets it to the surface he realized something bit it in half. A couple seconds later, the shark comes back to finish it off.
Fish Eats Shark With One Huge Bite [VIDEO]
While fishing off the coast of Bonita Springs in Florida, these guys hooked a 4 foot black tip shark. While pulling the shark in towards their boat, a gigantic grouper fish swims up and takes down the shark with one massive bite.