Is it possible to cry in space?
Ever wonder what it would be like to cry in space? Me either, It's never even crossed my mind. Now that I'm thinking about, I want to know. Check out this video and see what happens.
Did NASA Spot a UFO On Mars With Curiosity? [VIDEO]
It's a pretty big deal that NASA landed the robot vehicle Curiosity on the surface of Mars, but it would be an even bigger deal if Curiosity ended up documenting evidence of life on the red planet.  Some people are saying that's exactly what has happened, check out the video the world…
Interesting Argument About The Budget Cuts To The Space Program
Astrophysicist  Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses and makes an interesting point about the disgusting budget cuts to the space program and basically the future of our existence. I think after watching this you will be amazed at what it would cost us to keep our space program up and running, not onl…
Creepy Alien Video
According to some, Aliens have been visiting Earth since the dawn of humanity.  According to others, people are stupid and will believe anything.  Regardless what you believe, this video is probably going to creep you out.
Cats In Space
I don't understand why the internet is so obsessed with cats.  I'm not a pet person at all so maybe I just don't get it, but I get really annoyed with all the cat videos and gifs and pictures and other crap.   But this video is an exception.  Watch what happens whe…