Hourly Target Employees Getting $500 Bonuses
Hourly target employees were busting their butts (and risking their health) on the frontline during the pandemic and now it's payback time. Target is saying thank you to 375,000 frontline employees by paying them a bonus of $500 for all their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic...
Man Loses It In Target After Seeing A Woman Breastfeeding [VIDEO]
Everyone is just so touchy nowadays. This guy seems to be just a cranky old man. He throws a fit when he sees a mother breastfeeding her child in the store. Granted she probably could have covered up with a towel, but that's not the point. Calm down sir. It's okay to be offended but not okay to act like that. Good job to all the people that stood up for her though.
Target Store Intercom Plays Porn Clip To Shoppers [VIDEO]
This is definitely something you don't want to here when shopping for dinosaur chicken nuggets with your kids. At a Target store in California, someone got a little crazy with the intercom. Even while porn is blasting through the store, the employees don't seem like they are running to fix it.

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