Fight Your Traffic Tix Online
Times they are a changing that's for sure. 36th District Court in Detroit is launching a new pilot program that will allow you to fight eligible traffic tickets without having to appear in court.
Three Officers Resign After Making Kid Eat His Pot [VIDEO]
This seems like a twisted scene from 'Super Troopers." After pulling over a 19-year-old and finding pot in the car, the officers allegedly make him eat it to avoid getting into more trouble and letting him off with just some traffic tickets. Of course, none of their body cams were on a…
Michigan Stoners Refuse to Pay Pot Tickets
Some Michigan stoners have flat out refused to pay their fines for possession of marijuana. Reports indicate that since the city of Grand Rapids voted to decriminalize the herb back in 2012, replacing criminal penalties with a $25 fine, people caught in violation have racked up over $100,000 in unpa…
Rob Zombie Tix Cost Less Than...
For a limited time only, tickets to Loudwire Live featuring Rob Zombie are on sale for just $17! Just in case you didn't realize how cheap that actually is, Maggie and Chris put together a list of 10 things that are more expensive!
Raining Blood Drive
Slayer will be making their way back to the Fillmore in Detroit and we have a chance for you to win tickets to the show.  All you have to do is stop in and donate some blood with the American Red Cross and enter to win.  Get all the details here.

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