Turn Up Your Turkey With Tequila [VIDEO]
I am not much in the kitchen, unless you consider making a drink 'cooking'. That being said, I think I could be talked in to preparing the turkey this year thanks to this recipe. I think I will skip all of the ingredients and just get the bird and the tequila and call it good. Cheers!
5 Things To Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers [VIDEO]
I am not much in the kitchen. In fact I will not have any Thanksgiving leftovers since I never host the meal. However, you may be an actual adult that does indeed cook and will have turkey day leftovers. Here is a quick video of what you can make with that extra turkey, canned cranberries and last s…
Man Deep Fries Leg & Turkey
Everything and practically everyone has gone to the birds.  Turkey birds that is.  On Thanksgiving Day, most of us will chow down on turkey whether deep fried, baked, broiled, microwaved or roasted.  One Illinois man however got a jump start on his turkey preparations last weekend, no…