U of M

Jim Harbaugh is Pure Michigan
This is one of the greatest things I've seen all day. As we approach the big game this Saturday, the rivalries and s*it talking have already begun. As I expect this to get everyone either excited or pissed off, I'll cut this short and end by saying GO BLUE!
Sparty Has a Beard!
I graduated from Michigan State University and am a big MSU fan, so I was very excited to see them win on Saturday against Michigan. (Although my two best friends went to U of M, so I do have some appreciation for the school.)  While rooting for my school to win, I couldn't help but notice…
Banana Picks for the Big Game
The big game between Michigan State and U of M is this Saturday and that always brings out the fight in your friends.  Even though most of the Banana staff can't even hold a conversation about sports, I decided to get everyone's input anyway.  Enjoy the game on Saturday and go bl…
Stuff for msu fans to do tonite
As we all know, the big game is tonight!  The NCAA Championship -- Michigan VS. Louisville.  I am a huge Michigan fan and a Michigan victory tonight will have money raining down upon me.  For all my State friends and enemies, here is a list of things to do to keep you occupied tonight…
U of M Pop-Tarts Available Soon
If you are a U of M fan, you can soon prove the phrase, 'you are what you eat'. Kellogg's will be releasing limited edition college inspired Pop-Tarts.  MSU fans will be green with envy, as Sparty will not be making an appearance on the pastries.