Whale Almost Swallows Kayakers [VIDEO]
I was going to post about the fact that I went to a bar/restaurant on Monday afternoon for lunch, and I was asked for my name and phone number. Some of you may not believe this, but I did not feel as if my 'freedoms' were being taken away. I feel pretty damn good about it actually...
Whale Breaches On Kayakers [VIDEO]
I would have freaked right the eff out! Check out this footage of a breaching whale springing from the water and landing on two kayakers. Luckily the pair were not directly hit by the huge whale and made it safely to shore. After you see the footage, you will know just how incredible that is!
Whale Almost Eats Surfer
I love the ocean.  It's the most powerful thing on the planet and you have to respect it.  It's crazy to think that when you're frolicking along the beach, you're in the same ocean as all those sharks and whales and Cthulus.  This girl gets a dangerously close remi…