Old school gamers this is your chance to test your skills on a classic video game.

The 8th annual Michigan’s retro Tecmo Super Bowl video game tournament is being held this upcoming Saturday, March 7th at Bookie’s Bar and Grill located at 2208 Cass Ave. in Downtown Detroit beginning at 11:00 a.m.

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Tecmo Super Bowl was one of my all-time favorites on the original NES gaming system. Probably one of the reasons why my grades in my first semester of college back in the day were not that good. Cause I played this game nonstop.

Run like Barry (Not Bernie) Sanders, throw with Rodney Peete as the quarterback and test your skills against others. My squad was the Philadelphia Eagles with Randell Cunningham. Try and stop that passing game.

There are two different levels of competition from experts to beginners for those who have not played this game since the 90s. You can register the day of the tournament or get more info on their Facebook page by clicking here.

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