Last night, I shut the girlfriend up and finally took her out into public.  After a very classy meal at Applebee's, we decided to hit up one of the moving pictures and saw "The Green Hornet" in IMAX 3D.  Check my thoughts and opinions on it inside.

All in all, I'm going to give this movie a solid B grade.  It was entertaining, action packed, and for the most part, funny.  But it was also a little too long, filled with plot holes, and at times, forced.  I'll break it down into Pros and Cons for you.


Cinematography-This movie was really well shot.  I felt like I was watching a live action comic book and the fight scenes look awesome.  They used the slow things down and speed things up (like in 300) a few times, some really cool car chases, and pulled off the 3D special effects with out making it seem unnatural.  Some movies in 3D have scenes where you can tell that the scene was added just for the 3D effect.  The Green Hornet did a really good job of making 3D feel real.

Cameron Diaz-I had no idea she was in this movie.  I've always been a fan of her and she did not disappoint in The Green Hornet.  She looks like she's aged a little, but is still smoking hot.  Plus she was really sassy and not slutty at all, so that was just icing on the cake.

Graphic violence and language-  I hate movies that are rated PG-13.  But surprisingly, The Green Hornet broke that trend with me.  It never dropped the F bomb, but there was enough conversational swearing that I had to ask my girlfriend what the movie was rated.  It bugs me when characters, in stressful situations don't swear.  Also, there were some decently bloody moments.  I would put the on-screen body count at around 10 and there were a few really cool kills, including one where a dude got two stakes to the eyes.


Humor-Seth Rogen starred and produced this movie, so obviously he had a heavy hand in the final product.  And you could tell.  There were a few laughable moments with his character and Kato, but there were also moments that were corny.  A good example of this, which you might have seen in the commercials, is when The Green Hornet and Kato are driving and listening to Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio.  It's not useful in the plot or particularly funny, but people were laughing because they thought they were supposed to be.

Brit Reed- He's the secret identity of The Green Hornet.  And as far as characters go, he is not very likable.  He's the wealthy son of a newspaper owner, obsessed with partying and fast women.  Seems right up my alley, right?  But for whatever reason, I dislike Brit the entire movie.  He didn't have the charisma of a Tony Stark or the darkness of a Bruce Wayne.  I felt like Brit was unappreciative of Kato, constantly make Cameron Diaz's character uncomfortable, and honestly, he didn't even help people that much.  I get the concept of the "anti-hero", but Reed wasn't even that.  He was just kind of a brat that wanted to play super hero.

Plot Holes- There were a lot of "Wait, how did they just do that?" moments for me.  And it was definitely one of those "Unlimited Ammo" movies.  It always amazes me on how awful everyone's aim is in movies.  And considering that they were using fully automatic, grenade launching,  double barrel machine guns, I just think more people would have been hit.  Also, there was a ton of collateral damage.  If the body count on screen was 10, the people that were killed in the explosions and crashes must have been in the hundreds.

All of these things considered though, I still give it a B.  I can't get too mad a super hero movie made by Seth Rogen for having plot holes.  I didn't buy a ticket to see a ground breaking film, I bought a ticket to see stuff blow up, see a hot chick, and laugh  a little.  I got what I paid for, and I would recommend The Green Hornet to you.