Free Beer brought up the recent controversy involving Cuba Gooding Jr. and his trouble with the law down in New Orleans, where police say they have an arrest warrant out for the Oscar-winning actor.

In a news release, the police department said that a Bourbon Street bartender claimed that Gooding had pushed her after she asked him to calm down. Gooding was apparently upset because some other bar patrons were harassing him for photographs.

After listening to the details of the story, the guys weren’t sure what to make of the accusations. “That sounds like BS to me,” said Zane. They talked about how most people would be annoyed if drunk people were getting in their face and asking for photographs. Free Beer added that, “It certainly seems like there will be two sides to the story.”

Hot Wings chimed in later in the show with a ‘What Hot Wings Thinks’ segment and defended Gooding in his signature way by asking, ”Hasn’t he been punished enough with his own movie choices?”

What do you think? Will Cuba Gooding Jr. join Al Pacino, Christian Bale, Mel Gibson, and Nicolas Cage as fellow Academy Award winners with a mugshot? Let us know below.

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