Trekkies Unite! The Henry Ford Museum is featuring a 'Star Trek' exhibit through September this summer.

If you are a 'Star Trek' fan, you will be able to go check out "Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds" starting tomorrow at the Henry Ford Museum. This new exhibit is going to feature over 100 different rare prop and artifacts from the franchise. These items featured will be from all six of the TV series and quite a few of the movies.

The exhibit will be set up from May 11th all the way through September 2nd of this year. As you walk through the exhibit you will see a lot of props and learn a lot about the show, both on and off the screen. You'll see parts of the actual scripts, real costumes wore by the actors, the helm and navigation controls, and way more.

When it comes to the age old battle between 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars,' I am definitely on team 'Star Wars.' With that said, I still think this would be a pretty badass exhibit to check out for all of us scifi nerds.

To get more info, click here.

Source: MLive

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