Though initial reviews have proven somewhat mixed, we're still on board for 'The Killing' to return for a third season this Sunday night on AMC. Showrunner Veena Sud has promised ahead of time that the latest mystery will end up resolved by the end of the season, but is that old moody magic back?

Say what you will about 'The Killing''s first two seasons, but Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman's strong chemistry and characterizations of Detectives Linden and Holder provide reason enough to check out the third season. And if that weren't enough, how about two fresh clips from Sunday's two-hour premiere, "The Jungle/What You Fear the Most"?

In the clips (shown above and below), Holder asks for an apprehensive Linden's advice in dealing with an all-too-familiar case, one which we see to have deep roots in Linden's past from the sneak peek. All in all, season 3 of 'The Killing' may just prove to be the most haunting yet.

‘The Killing’ season 3 picks up six months after the Rosie Larsen case’s end, and features a cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard as death row inmate Ray Seward, 'Firefly''s Jewel Staite, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ vet Aaron Douglas, ‘Flashpoint’'s Hugh Dillon, Johnny Ray Gill, Amy Semeitz, Max Fowler and Elias Koteas.

Check out the clips from the premiere, and tune in for 'The Killing' season 3 this Sunday on AMC!