My morning started with this funny little video from Jonny's Facebook page, and it was too awesome to not share with you. Day made. 

As the funny people of the internet would say "Who did this?". According to the post it is @benjaminlifson, and whoever he is, is a hero. I love Jonny when he's playing live, he's so wild and intense, as seen in this slo-mo throwback shampoo "commercial". He's like a shirtless, shoeless human Taz. At the end it says free Nothing More Shampoo with pre-order, and I know since it's on Facebook it's real, but I don't see any shampoo actually available according to their Pledge Music site. I felt the need to clarify (pun intended) that, before the internet started harassing me, if they don't get shampoo. I mean who wouldn't want hair like his?


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