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If you're going to let the bad times roll, you could do worse than being behind the wheel of a tank! That's exactly what the World of Tanks online game is providing to players for a limited time, as a new branded Offspring bundle arrives to coincide with the release of the band's Let the Bad Times Roll album.

Gamers can take the tarpaulin hood off the U.S. TL-1 LPC Tier VIII Premium Medium tank with the signature "Pretty Fly" 3D style, crewed by The Offspring members, and release your youthful energy on the battlefield, criss-crossing it as if you had a nitro boost! You could also jump in another vehicle of yours which proudly wears The Offspring-themed "Turn it up!" 2D style or is adorned by other customization elements related to the famous band.

This bundle is currently available to gamers through 4:20PM PT on April 26 providing plenty of branding options borrowing from the band's emblems and logos. In addition, the band's members have voiced their characters within the game as Dexter Holland is the radio operator, Noodles is the gunner, Pete Parada is the driver and Todd Morse is the loader.

Get a closer look below and pick up the premium World of Tanks bundle celebrating the Offspring here.

The Offspring World of Tanks Bundle

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