On Saturday, hundreds of bikes came together to support RJ & Courtney Ryan and their family after the horrific accident they were in.

The Ryan Family Ride for Motorcycle Awareness started at Rocky's Great Outdoors in Burton. It officially started at 10 am but when I got there at 9:30 there were already bikes lined up and ready in support of the event. The amount of support that followed was nothing short of amazing.

While I don't have an official total of how many bikes showed up to ride in support of the Ryan's, I would have no hesitation in saying that there were well over 300 bikes. It was incredible to see how many people showed up. The front parking lot was full. The side parking lot was full. There were bikes wrapped around pretty much the whole building.

When the ride took off at noon, it took the better part of eight minutes to get all of the bikes and cars out of the parking lot. Check out the video below.

Thanks again to all that showed up and those that supported this ride for two awesome people and their family.