I am a fan of a good trip around Michigan. The bad part, however, is that Michigan is a tourist trap in some locations.

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So, where in Michigan do you go to get away from the big bustle and the crowds? There are places out there that you can go to, believe it or not.

These locations below are just a few that you can check out that get you away from the bigger city, and even fudge.

Here Are Some Michigan Destinations That Are Less Touristy

We all need a little vacation from it all, right? The worst part is, Michigan is home to tons of tourists traps. Here are nine locations you can check out that will have fewer people than Mackinac would.

Did the town or city you live in make it onto this list?

Open the station app, tell us where your little getaway destination here in Michigan is. Just because it wasn't featured, doesn't mean that it isn't out there for you to check out.

The 20 Worst Places to Live in Michigan

Look, I am a Michigander. I love the state as much as the next guy, but some cities and counties do have their own faults. Here are the 20 places here in Michigan that made a list of the 20 worst places to live here in Michigan.

The CEO'S & Creators Of These Companies Are Originally From Michigan

I mean, does it surprise you? People from Michigan aren't to be taken lightly. Take a look and see these Michiganders who created things you probably use every day.

All 83 Michigan Counties Ranked On The Amount Of Snow Per Year

Ever wonder where the worst places in Michigan are for snowfall? What about the places that aren't so bad for snow? This might affect your next move... Given, you won't see lightning strike in the same place twice, you can't be promised a lack of snow. We have all 83 Michigan counties ranked in order, based on data collected throughout the years.

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