After viewing a few of the oddly addictive “Things That Will Make You Feel Old” posts around the Internet, we decided to throw together our very own Flint edition. So take a stroll down memory lane with us to look at Flint, Michigan’s past and feel old with us. We promise it’s not as depressing as it sounds.

  • This is Delphi East (aka AC Spark Plug) in 2006 Vs. Now

    UAW Local 651 / Tree Riddle
  • This CD Came Out Almost 25 Years Ago

  • These Were the Final Films Shown at Showcase Cinemas Flint East
  • Kessel Food Markets Were Bought By Kroger Over 17 Years Ago

  • This is What Banana's Website Looked Like in 2001

    Banana 101.5
  • 'Semi-Pro' Filmed Here 10 Years Ago

    Google Earth
  • No One Has Roller Skated at CLC in at Least 18 Years

    CLC Roller Rink Today (Now Stone Specialists) -- Photo by Tree Riddle
  • St Joseph Hospital was Demolished in 2006

  • This is a Flint Nightlife Commercial from the 1980's

  • This Place Hasn't Been the Named IMA Sports Arena for 14 Years

    W. Riddle
  • Nickelback Played the 2000 Binge Before Christmas at Bugsy's for $100

    Roadrunner Records