It is almost time for Michiganders to spring forward. Daylight saving time is this Sunday, March 10th at 2:00 AM. I just found out today that it is indeed called daylight saving, not savings. Who knew?

I would much rather spring forward than fall back. Am I the only one who is exhausted when it's dark at 5:00 PM? Truth be told, I am in favor of stopping daylight saving time altogether. People have debated continuing it for years, but still here we are - another daylight saving time upon us.

Get ready for that one person in your life to be late for something after the time change. I say ONE PERSON because most people have cell phones and smart devices that will change automatically. We all know that one person who will totally forget daylight savings time.

So when the clock strikes 2:00 AM this Sunday, which means it is actually 3:00 AM, where will you be? I most likely will be sleeping. Full disclosure, I am the person that will be late for any and all obligations later that day. Wah Wah.

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