It's time to drop the zero, and get with a hero. Today, December 29th is 'National Hero Day'. By definition - this is the day we honor the people we look up to and who inspire us to be the best person we can possibly be.

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Who is your hero? If you are truly blessed - you have more than one. For a lot of us, I think a parent and or both of our parents come to mind. I know that is true for me. I also think of everyone that has been on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. While most people bitched about having to stay home (and safe), countless men and women put other peoples lives, before their own. That is a hero.

Maybe your hero is your husband or wife. To say the last the 10 months have been trying on relationships is an understatement. If your significant other has been your biggest cheerleader - he or she is a hero. As a matter of fact - if your relationship survived the pandemic, you both are heroes.

Sometime today, take a minute and let your hero (and or heroes) know that they are appreciated. I'll go first. My boyfriend Nick Starr is my hero. I don't know a more kind or generous person. Plus, he puts up with me - so he truly is a superhero. I asked Nick if I was his hero, he said no. His hero is Johnny Lawrence from 'Cobra Kai'.

It's true what they say, not all heroes wear capes. Some wear a kick ass karate outfit.

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