If you can read this - thank a teacher. You may not have liked every one of your teachers, but chances are there is at least one that you remember making a difference in your life. I remember two teachers I adored, and one that I thought for sure hated me.

One of my favorites was Mrs. Appling. She was my 3rd or 4th-grade teacher at Linden Elementary. I remember her as being very patient and very kind. Just a genuinely good person and teacher who cared about the students in her classroom. My other favorite was Mr. Harris who taught 5th grade. I definitely recall him being a major University of Michigan sports fan. Mr. Harris used humor to teach and that really connected with me. One thing he had us make was a time capsule. Every student in the class was to put things in their time capsule that were important to him or her at that particular time in life. I can't remember if Mr. Harris told us he would contact us when we were seniors to open them - but that is exactly what he did. To this day I regret not going to see him and open my time capsule.

As for the teacher that I was sure hated me I will not name her. I will tell you this, I was so afraid of this woman I would cry, scream and hold on to the front door begging my mom not to make me go to school. That did not work. My mom somehow removed my clenched hands from the front door, dragged me to the car and drove me to school. We marched right into my classroom and my mom asked to see my teacher in the hallway. My mother asked her if she hated me. The teacher said 'yes'. Just kidding. Of course, she said no, but I did not buy it. Looking back now I am still not quite sure. Nonetheless, I have been blessed with some great teachers in my life and have plenty of friends who are now teachers. To all of you, I say thank you and enjoy your special day.